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Our Story

Who We Are

Starting in 2006 with hopes of providing the community with a reliable and consistent resource of information, that became true, and El Paso Directory, LLC has been going on strong for 17 years. We have come a long way and have been adapt to changing with the times to best suit the needs of our highly valued clients and cherished El Paso home town. As a Hispanic woman, proud of her own community, and those who wish to thrive, El Paso Directory, LLC also had the goal in mind to support other local businesses. 

Individuals working hard towards their passions, to provide services to the community is a value that we hold high here with El Paso Directory, LLC. That is why we aim to provide one of the best publishing and advertising services in El Paso, with printed and online publications. Our outreach stretches across El Paso, Las Cruces, and even through social media platforms, and we wish to continue doing what we do best. 

We hope that those who read about our story know that we want to do our best for providing for the community that has done the most for us. To give back to the city, schools, and families, is what is most important to us.

High Quality Production

Best standard of printing and construction

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