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El Paso Directory - Computer Virus or Computer Settings?

Is your computer operating at a very slow speed/ Have you noticed a difference in the speed of your computer recently. Before you go take it to an "expert" to remove viruses or clean up your computer, consider these quick and easy to do tips that may save you anywhere from $30 to $90. There are two common reasons for the slowness of your computer that may not be related to a virus, spy ware or anything wrong with your computer other than simple settings.

Option # One: First, the problem may be related to your web browsing and "temporary files that are saved on your computer when you browse sites. You will check if this may be the culprit by going into your "Internet Options" and changing your settings. This first change is very simple and is found by opening your internet browser as shown in #1 and going to the "Tools" selection of your internet browser to access the drop down menu. Within the "Tools" drop down menu you will find the "Internet Option" which you will need to select. Once selecting this "Internet Option" you will see a screen similar to the box shown with steps 2 thru 4 as shown below.  Step #2 will be to "Delete Cookies" on your computer. You simply press this button and it will ask you to confirm that this is what you want to do. Press "OK". Step #3 will be to set the "Days to keep pages in history". As you can see, we have this computer set at 1 day. These usually are set at 14 to 20 days as normal settings. You don't have to set this at 1 day, but we recommend not to set this any higher than 3 or 4 days. This is part of what the computer saves in it's temporary files and can be part of what may be slowing down your computer. When you have reset this, press the "Clear History"  the button to erase the files currently saved. Now press the "Apply" button for these changes to take effect. Step #4 is the most important set. Click on the "Internet Settings" button. It will take you to a pop up screen that looks like the box on the right below. Currently this shows that it is set at 7631 mb of disk space allocated for temporary internet files which is considered a small amount. Most are set by factory or changed by programs to be set at the maximum. Once you have made these changes be sure to hit "OK". Then close this screen and you you be back to the "Internet Options" screen. Close this and you are about finished. You will need to turn off and restart your computer to be sure the changes are accepted. But, more than likely this will fix your problem.


Pictures for changing "Internet Settings"


Option # Two: Have you installed new software on your computer either via an internet download or by cd rom? Your computer may be operating slow because too many programs that are set to be open when your computer starts. Most manufacturers of software have their programs set to run when you start your computer not when you open them. So, even though you may using one or two programs there may be more than that running and causing your computer to run slow. Now how do you check that this is the problem? You will click on the "Start" button on your computer and select the "Run" option as shown in #1 below. Then you will type in the command "msconfig". and press "ok" as shown in #2. You will be taken to a pop up screen as shown in #3. You will need to select the "Startup" tab on this screen. once this is selected you will be able to see all the programs that are set to run just by having your computer on. You will simply go through this list and deselect or remove the check mark from any selection you don't want to have automatically running. Once you have made your changes, hit "Apply" and close the screen. Now turn off your computer and restart it. Some computer when they restart will notify you that made these changes and ask if you would like to apply them. Choose to apply the changes.



Now, if after these two changes your computer still operating at a very slow speed, there may other issues involved, but it doesn't necessarily mean you have a virus that needs to be removed. But, for most, you will find that is is a five minute fix that will solve your slow computer problem. if you learn it, you can repeat it as necessary as well.


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