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Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to review our El Paso Directory. Who would have thought that I would be writing this letter. I would like to share with you how the El Paso Directory was created and what we plan for the future. El Paso Directory was created because as a mother of school age children, I have seen how the schools struggle in providing our children with basic necessities that their district funding doesn't provide. In addition, as a business owner and mother of two, I wanted a way to help connect parents with reputable local businesses for products and services. The El Paso Directory was the answer. I created the idea based on being able to help the schools with discretionary funding, help give  information to parents and students about a wide array of products, services and things-to-do in El Paso. The best part is that the El Paso Directory is my way of supporting the El Paso community.

The El Paso Directory is currently on it's eighth year of publication. Throughout the years our publication has grown many times over since it's inception. We have also seen many businesses grow along with us as we have helped them get noticed in the El Paso community. Our publication continues to be one of the few FREE magazines that is 100% family oriented. We continue to publish more as our demand continues to grow and as we increase our distribution and reach. We continue to operate in an honest and fair manner and try our best to keep our customers satisfied. If you decide you would like to advertise with us, you will be treated in a courteous and  professional manner.  Again thank you for your support. We would like to hear any questions or comments you may have at omrohrer@elp.rr.com


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